Maurice Jager is a Dutch photographer with an extensive background in internet marketing and online entrepreneurship. Maurice spent over 12 years climbing the corporate ladder in marketing and online product development before he decided enough was enough. Maurice just couldn’t deal with the corporate nonsense anymore. After having a good conversation with his girlfriend about this, she encouraged him to follow his passion in photography.

Maurice jumped in with both feet and, over the last 6 years, he has built a business from the ground up in a market that didn’t exist when he started.

Today, Maurice is one of Europe’s premiere headshot photographers, a Mentor for Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew and a speaker for his sponsors such as Tether Tools, BenQ, Phottix and NPhoto at events and trade shows like PhotoKina and PhotoPlusExpo, just to name a few. He also just published his first book in Dutch - Photography In Branding And Marketing For Entrepreneurs.

Maurice applies his past experiences in online marketing and product development to his photography business to continuously build his brand and social media following into the tens of thousands.

This unique perspective helps him and his clients to separate themselves from the competition and creates a life for him and his family he's truly excited to be living.

That’s why he co-founded Screw The Metadata - to help photographers move away from the boring stuff and focus on what’s important for your business and your clients, getting discovered online, building relationships and starting conversations in order to build your business and a life you want to live.


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