New York City native and portrait photographer, John DeMato, has an extensive background as a television producer for nationally syndicated, talk shows.

During his 18-year career, he learned the power of authentic storytelling through visual content.

He’s translated that experience into creating purposeful, visual content with speakers, authors, coaches and other high-level professionals who recognize the importance of leveraging portraits and other image content to visually punctuate the stories they share with their audiences.

John is not a guy who sits behind a camera and simply pushes buttons all day; he sets his clients up for success beyond the portrait photos with a customized, content creation strategy they can apply immediately to their websites, social media feeds, trade publications and various other needs.

John works with his clients to help them identify interesting aspects of their expertise, experiences as a business owner and experiences as a human being in order to create content that will not only resonate, but also create trust with their audiences.

Now he’s sharing his client experiences within the STM community.


Because he believes professional photographers who care about their clients are part of a special fraternity and, as a result, he wants to set them up for success. He also understands the frustrations with gaining visibility and building a referable, photography business, so he is offering his real-world expertise to get photographers past their pain points.

That’s why he co-founded Screw The Metadata - to help photographers move away from the cardinal sin of posting portfolio work with tech specs in the caption and start creating entertaining, inspiring and informative content that attracts the types of clients with which they want to work.


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